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The potential and MO of homeopathy in agriculture

Posted: 09 Nov 2014, 07:30
by Mark

Carlos Moacir Bonato

Abstract: The homeopathic medicines do not act directly on the physical body but
mainly in bioplasmic body. Thus, in any organism homeopathic medicines interfere
initially in the vital energy then on the somatic. As homeopathic medicines act
systemically is common to find effects in various parts of the plant metabolism.
Researchers have proven that homeopathic drugs interfere with photosynthesis,
respiration, and obviously the secondary metabolism of plants. Furthermore,
homeopathy can help control pests and diseases. Thus, understanding the action of
homeopathy in plant physiology can help us select the right drug for the specific
problems. In summary, it can produce more at lower cost using homeopathy with the
physiological knowledge.