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Evidence and homeopathy

Posted: 11 Nov 2014, 08:17
by Mark
Scientific framework of homeopathy: Evidence-based Homeopathy

Michel Van Wassenhoven (MD)

Paper aims at considering all important aspects of the scientific framework of homeopathic
practice, looking at the levels of scientific evidence of each aspect in an objective way, through an
extensive review of literature. Levels of evidence considered are: I) existence of meta-analyses
and/or systematic positive reviews of literature; IIa) multiple positive randomized controlled
trials (RCTs); IIb) some positive RCTs; IIIa) positive multiple cohorts studies; IIIb) positive
studies with some cohorts; IV) opinion of experts (clinical and daily practice cases). Conclusions
are clear: homeopathy must stay within the framework of medical practice, and it is even a
necessity for public health.

Keywords: Evidence-Based medicine, Homeopathy, Scientific framework, Literature review