Life, homeopathy, and the periodic table

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Life, homeopathy, and the periodic table

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Biological effects of high-diluted substances and periodic table of elements

Cloe Taddei-Ferretti

Background and Aims. There are several experimental evidences for the effects of high-diluted substances
(see e.g. C. Taddei-Ferretti, A. Cotugno 1997, on effects of high-diluted drugs on the prevention and control of
mice teratogenicity induced by purine derivatives; N.C. Sukul, C. Taddei-Ferretti, S.P. Sinha Babu, A. De, B.
Nandi, A. Sukul, R. Dutta-Nag 2000, on high-diluted Nux vomica countering alcohol-induced loss of righting
reflex in toads). Also the physical characterization and mechanism of action of high-diluted drugs have been
studied (see e.g. N.C. Sukul, A. Sukul, High dilution effects: Physical and biochemical basis 2004). However,
further experimental researches are needed to clarify how physical characteristics of a drug are linked to its
global biological effects. Considerations on some high-diluted mineral remedies will be developer here.