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Posted: 01 Feb 2012, 09:33
by Cuttings

Preparation name: Biodynamic preparation - Peppers

How to make

Content: The peppers are based on the type of plants and animals you are seeking to remove from your garden.

Procedure: For plants you intend to remove from your garden (usually weeds), the reproductive organs of the plant, being the flowers and seeds, are removed from the plant and then burnt in a wood fire during a full moon. This produces an ash which is then potentised in water to an 8x factor and sprayed. The burning occurs at a full moon as this creates a strongly negative affect at a time of peak reproductive forces from the full moon.

For animals, the skin of the animal is used and it should be burned at a full moon where there is a certain conjunction of planets. Use the same process with the ash as used for plants.

Storage: You can store pepper in a galss jar in a cool place. Do not mix different types of peppers.

Reasons for use
The Peppering does not stop or kill the plants, but it ensures that future seeds are infertile to the space where the pepper has been used. Repeated applications over a 2-3 year period work very effectively. For animals, it creates a space where the animals will not want to reproduce and eventually their population declines. In contrast to pesticides and herbicides, peppering does not engage in mass killing of plant and animal life and poison the soil. It uses what is available in and around the garden and leverages the cosmic forces to help you get the most out of your growing space.

How to apply

When to apply: Peppers can be applied as needed for weed and animal pests. It is ideal to apply them around full moon time and you can fine tune this by referring to times defined on the Biodynamic calendar to make the most of planetary impacts. Use the pepper on the optimum days as shown on the BD calendar for applying peppers. The impact can also be strengthened by three applications every two hours on the selected day. This process can be carried out at least once per year over 2-3 years until the weed or animal is reduced or eliminated. You may notice faster reduction in their presence.

Quantity: For the peppers potentised in water, place approximately 7 drops to a litre of clean water and this should cover approximately 150 m2.

How to apply: Use a sprayer to apply the pepper to the affected area. Only very small quantities are required.