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Posted: 11 Oct 2006, 14:43
by Mark
What do you think about sharing successful peppers through this and the site?

The idea is that if anyone finds one that has worked for them against - for instance - squirrels, that anyone else who has the same problem can make use of it. Perhaps this would be potentised?

I would be very happy to set this up on the site.


Potentised peppers

Posted: 16 Oct 2006, 21:24
by kaviraj
do these only apply to animals or also to other pests, like snails, aphids etc?

Re: Potentised peppers

Posted: 17 Oct 2006, 19:26
by Mark
No; mammals, birds, molluscs, insects and plants too - hence the potential for abuse.

Posted: 13 Jun 2009, 12:07
by Mark
I have started putting up some of the 'peppers' I know of on the site. So far there are ones for badger, grey squirrel and bindweed. I haven't tested the latter but know of some good results with the first two.

Any others out there that have some good results so we can see if these are replicable in other places?