Kolisko's macabre mice

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Kolisko's macabre mice

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Agriculture of Tomorrow p242
“It is very annoying for the farmer if part of his crop is destroyed by mice... Dr Steiner gives strange advice. We have to look for a certain constellation of the planet Venus, collect the skins of mice during this time and burn them. If we scatter these ashes over the field the mice will disappear. It is not necessary to burn the whole mouse, we only need burn the skin.

How can we verify such assertions? The seems so very strange to us. Our first experiment carried out in 1926 will be described. We began by breeding a large number of white mice in order to carry out the necessary experiment during the constellation of Venus. The mice were kept in glass cages covered with wire mesh in a separate room, well equipped for this purpose. Each cage contained a male and female mouse.

The day of the constellation came, the exact hour for the experiment was fixed for four o’clock in the afternoon. We examined the mice every other hour, and found everything in complete order. At two o’clock in the afternoon we examined them for the last time, when feeding them. Some minutes before 4 o’clock we entered the room again and had a real shock. In each of the cages one mouse was killed. The female had killed the males. In all the cages there was the same ghastly spectacle. The killing was done so that the female mouse has bitten through the throat of the male, then opened the skull and begun to eat the brain. Some mice must have started earlier or worked more quickly, because we found different stages of this terrible process.... They had bitten off the four paws and placed them symmetrically in a square in the sawdust.

We shall never forget this spectacle. Probably we had not fixed the right moment for our experiment. The planet Venus came to the highest effectiveness earlier than we had presumed and the female mice acted under this influence. No other explanation was possible. The constellation of Venus had driven the female mice to kill their mates in the extraordinary way....

... A few years later we had a visit from a young farmer who had tried to get rid of his field mice according to Rudolf Steiner’s suggestions. He kept seven mice in a cage on the field, and when the time came to make the preparations, he found only one mouse left. Unfortunately he did not observe whether the mouse which was left was male or female. However, from our previous experiences it can be safe to assume that it was a female mouse who had killed and eaten the others, which must have been male.....”