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I had a problem with scale insects on my citrus. The first tree died because I did not do anything! When the second became infected I collected a few insects, ground them in a mortar with alcohol and made a 6X remedy which I diluted and sprayed on the scale colonies. After three applications some days apart I could not find a single scale insect.

Ron Blincoe

I solved our 600 palm trees with the isotherapy of the beasts, the larves and the eggs. Kaviraj told me to give a try and it worked. While in the south of Portugal and Spain all the palm trees died. Every month I applied this during the whole year. I am still happy with my beautiful landscape of palm trees instead of a cemetery of dead trees.

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Re: Isotherapy

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I had a similar experience with apple tree scale. I collected several scale organisms from the tree and potentized to 3C with lactose in a mortar and pestle. I used the resulting trituration in a commercial spray bottle attachment for a garden hose and applied to the affected tree, Within days the scale insects died and I have had no furthur problems even several years later.
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