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Lapis Albus

From the homeopathic pharmacopoeia

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About the Preparation -

  Preparation name Lapis Albus  
  Preparation category Homoeopathic remedy  
  Manufacturer's name  
  Natural Order  
  Common Name Silicofluoride of calcium  
  Latin Name  
  Chemical Formula CaSiF6  
  Mother tincture made Taken from Lapis Albus (a species of gneiss found by Grauvogl in the mineral springs of Gastein)  
  General description  

Effect on plants -

Named Issues
Cancer in trees. Scarring on bark, tumours on roots, potato rot. Black leg potato, black bulb rot, black rot, radish, black rot, black spot roses, strawberry blossom end-rot, potato gangrene. Rots and decaying diseases in all species. Some forms of mosaic virus. All rots are dry rots. Bitter rot in apples (Glomerella cingulata). Black root, radish (Aphanomyces raphani). (3)
General Appearance
Rots of nearly all kinds, cancers on trees with no ulceration, mottled and rotten leaves. Scarring of bark, pale appearance (3)
Irregular black patches on the root. These areas may become sunken. Sometimes the root may split, thought the tissue remains firm (3)
Stem/trunk and bark - capillary system
the flowers being absent, stunted, shrivelled, and otherwise deformed, if the plant gets to that stage (3)
Generative organs
small brown spots spreading rapidly to cover one third of the fruit in two to three days. In humid conditions this results in the growth of masses of pink spores which form concentric circles. It can completely dry out the fruit as the skin sinks in deeper and deeper, till the mummification is complete, the fungus surviving in a self made cocoon till next season. When the temperature drops below 200C and after sufficient rain, the cocoon collapses and the spores are blown out by the wind and back onto the trees. Willy Sharp, Gravenstein and Granny Smith are mostly affected, but other apples can as easily be affected. Blossom end-rot, tomato. The symptoms only occur on the blossom end of the fruit. The area becomes brown, tough and sunken (3)
Notes and Academic Papers
As with Calc. preparations, Lapis should be used with the utmost caution. It cannot be stressed enough that very small doses exert a great influence over plants, particularly the tissue salts, because they form essential building blocks of the plant. (3)

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