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ThermoMax or TM

Commercial formulation

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About the Preparation -

  Preparation name ThermoMax  
  Preparation category Commercial formulation  
  Manufacturer's name BdMax  
  Natural Order  
  Common Name  
  Latin Name  
  Chemical Formula  
  Mother tincture made Tinctures  
  General description Frost protection formulation. Independently tested. Based upon biodynamic potentised preparations of dandelion, chamomile and valerian.  

Effect on plants -

Named Issues
Frost damage (4)
Frost (46)
Frost (46)
Fruit set (46)
Frost (46)
Frost (46)
Frost (46)
Bud burst (46)
Girdling (4)
-4˚C frosts (4)
General Appearance
From the HortResearch report 'Evaluation of Frost Protectant Sprays'; "The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of three different spray treatments in overcoming the effects of a -2?C or a -4?C minimum air frost... The data presented in this report indicate that application of [ThermoMax] thirty-six hours prior to a freezing event resulted in some protection against low temperature injury of apples. Apples tended to be most sensitive to frost at the full bloom stage. Highest crop densities were recorded on trees that received [ThermoMax]. (4)
It is very clear well ThermoMax works: when you go out in the morning after a frost you can clearly see where you've sprayed the product. All around the sprayed area is white with the frost, but the plant you have sprayed is not icy. (46)
The early September frost in the Bay of Plenty saw a few gold orchards burnt at around 1.5 C . We had one similar report last season. Upon reflection of these events, we wonder what part girdling has to play in this reduced effectiveness of ThermoMax. The orchards where ThermoMax had a reduced effect were double girdled. (BdMax Spring 2009 newsletter.) (4)
Stem/trunk and bark - capillary system
Do not use on leafy green vegetables because with the increased temperature the vegetables can go to seed quicker than unprotected vegetables. (4)
We used 3-4 applications only when frosts threatened at 1 ml per litre. There was good control in the Autumn/Winter frost and better in the Spring frost. I am very pleased with the results and will be using it again next year. (46)
2 applications before the frost: The orchard floor was white and ice had formed on all the orchard supports but the leaves were warm. We experienced no damage. (46)
N&R Espin of Te Puke have been using ThermoMax for the last two seasons and stated the flowering period is much more compact. 10-12 days compared to 3 weeks i the past. This has resulted in an ability to harvest earlier. (46)
Trees appear to have denser flowering and a heavier fruit set than those of a similar age in another block that was not sprayed with ThermoMax. The flowering panilces seem more robust. While it has been good fruit set condition this year I still think the ThermoMax provided protection for the bids as they forming form the light frost and cold air conditions prevailing from July through to the end of October. (46)
Generative organs
ThermoMax has been used for frost protection by growers of grapes, apples, stone fruits, persimmons, passion fruit, avocadoes, tamarillos, citrus and kiwifruit. (4)
Report from Sustain-Ability in Moteuka on trials in 2003-2005 in Marlbro County and Central Otago. No tips were burnt, no buds were damaged in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir after -2 frosts (46)
The No 1 Family Estate Ltd used ThermoMax to improve fruit set. They found a much improved crop of Chardonnay. Describing the previous season as poor, the Estate spokesperson referred to a much better fruitset and described their level of satisfaction as very high. He went on to say that even though they did not experience any frosts, benefits were gained from the better quality fruit set coupled with the comfort of knowing they had frost protection as well if any heavy frosts did eventuate. (46)
Report from Sustain-Ability in Moteuka on trials in 2003-2005 in Marlbro County and Central Otago. No tips were burnt, no buds were damaged in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir after -2 frosts (46)
Went through the 2003 winter with very little damage with temperatures to -3 C. The June 2003 frost was to -5C and caused the loss of all leaves, with the trunks surviving well. Good regrwoth occured up to the October -3C frost. 4 applications of ThermoMax has been applied through the winter of 2003, the last 6 weeks prior to the October 2003 frost. Only slight top leaf damage (10%) was expereinced in that frost. This experience was repeated in 2004 and 2005 winters: 2005 had a -6C frost and the plants survived very well to fruit normally the following season. (46)
Without Glen's [ThermoMax], these Tamarillos would have been there. They'd have been naked. We had a -3 C frost, the worst I've seen for 5 or 6 years. When I came out into the orchard we hadn't been touched. It stopped a - 3. I as spraying at fortnightly intervals. We got two tickles of frost when I'd stopped spraying for a while. They're looking a bit tacky but all the new growth's fine. It's just the older growth where they got a bit of a frost blast. The fruit are coming on now. They are all setting fruit, they seem slow, but every flower that is dying has fruit on it. There's a lot of fruit there. The only leaf damage you can see is from the two frosts I got caught with, but without Glens ThermoMax it would be a hell of a lot worse. It would be wiped out in here, there would be nothing. They'd be naked, they'd be dead probably. (46)
We sprayed 5 applications two weeks apart at 75mls per 200 litres of water. We had good results. There was a small amount of damage to the crop but we did start spraying late. There was a big improvement on the previous season. (46)
One application was used at 250 mls per hectare by boom spraying. ThermoMax was applied in conjunction wit foliar feeding our citrus. It was applied prior to frosts. We then has two consecutive days of light frost and there was no damage. Satisfied with the results. (46)
A very low orchard at Whakatane region used ThermoMax twice before the frosts. They sustained far less damage than other years and less than their higher neighbours. RD of Agrodomw has used ThermoMax for the past season on a commercial kiwi crop. the 2005 season could be harvested 18 days earlier than last year. ThermoMax will be re-applied throughout August and September 2005 against any spring frosts that would otherwise adversely effect bud burst and subsequent fruit set. (46)
Two applications 7 days apart at recommended quantities. Frosts of -1C and -3C: no visible damage to fruit or trees (46)
One grape client has reported repeatedly that with the inclusion of 1lt per hectare of seaweed with his ThermoMax application he has achieved successful control against frost of 4C. (From BdMax 2007 newsletter.) (4)
Today I was visiting at a avocado orchard, in Chile, where they have put Thermomax, thru their irrigation lines at the normal rate of 250mls per ha every 3 weeks, and they have withstood several -4.5C frosts. Some burning of leaves but the shoots and buds were generally in far better shape than expected....... The best we have achieved with sprayed on ThermoMax on Avocados to date has been -3C. (46)
Notes and Academic Papers
BioGro registered and ACVM exempt (4)
One application two weeks prior to the frost provided good protection against the first October frost down to -2. A second spray was applied the day before the second frost and no further damage was experienced in the two frosts that followed. In the -2 degree zone the first shoots appeared damaged with leaf burning however, they survived well and went on to set fruit normally. (46)
After losing half my crop one year I decided I had to find a solution. I discovered ThermoMax and these days I don't have to worry so much. I have been recommending the product to his orchardist neighbours and friends. Frosts have cost me a lot in the past and this has made a big difference, I have windmills too and would not be without either of them. The frost doesn't get in, there is good fruit size and shape, no more bad pollination and it stops dumpy fruit. JP of KatiKati has been suing ThermoMax for two seasons and says the biggest avantage to ThermoMax is he can sleep through the night knowing he has 2 degrees of frost up his sleeve. An independent consultant commented on an orchard where ThermoMax has been used several times over the Spring and early Autumn. He said the orchard was very different in growth from the surrounding orchards. It was like orcahrds 200 metres lower down the hill. (46)
I intend to spray ThermoMax onto the whole orchard this year. It will be interesting to see results if conditions are more adverse than this year. (46)

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