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Etherics1000 or E1

Commercial formulation

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About the Preparation -

  Preparation name Etherics1000  
  Preparation category Commercial formulation  
  Manufacturer's name BdMax  
  Natural Order  
  Common Name  
  Latin Name  
  Chemical Formula  
  Mother tincture made Tinctures  
  General description All of the potentised biodynamic preparations in one safe balanced invigorating spray for plants and soil. Used since 1991. Speeds up composting and soil development, and strengthening plants' resistance to pests and diseases.  

Effect on plants -

Named Issues
Yield (46)
Fodder (46)
General Appearance
Balanced vigorous plants - Goldilocks plants ... not too big, not too small. Natural disease and pest resistance. (4)
Better relation of the plant to the soil (4)
Stem/trunk and bark - capillary system
After talking with happy farmers who had used 'Silica Max' and "Etherics 1000' to enhance their winter grass growth I thought it was time I tried it. I never did any scientific comparing or testing but rather chose to spray the whole farm in Autumn so as to maximise grass growth. After completing a feed assessment I theoretically should have been short of feed over winter / spring. Instead we arrived at calving time with cows that had put on condition, some considerably, and enough grass to feed the cows through spring along with some supplement. It was easy to apply and I'll definitely be using it annually from now on. Thank you BdMax. (46)
The application of BDMax Etherics 1000 in the late Autumn and then followed up with Silica Max in early Spring has given us the ability to tweek the effects of challenging weather influences on our Dairy Farm. This has resulted in us seeing more even grazing patterns as well as more contented stock on what seems less quantity of grass. We have a liquid fertiliser spray programme in place and providing there is an opportunity where spraying conditions are practical , this fits sensibly into this. We do not necessarily apply to the whole farm, as weather conditions change, but find great value in having a tool to use when the need is there. (46)
Generative organs
Notes and Academic Papers

Effect on Soil -

Soil characterisation
Soil surface
'A deeper texture to the environment'. (4)
Top soil
Speeds up soil development (4)
Sub soil
Notes and Academic Papers
Just wanted to share my happiness about getting my soil to life again. ... Not just that this soil produced a really thick crop without any artificial N ( my neighborfarmers are not able to produce such a crop with 140pounds N per acre), but our whole home and garden is changing since I am regularly using E1000. In fact I sprayed in march 4 times every 7 days with some other minerals, humates, sugar, everytime with some thing I just felt would make sense. I am curious how humus will develop! But the reals obvious thing is that our place is just developing faster to the better. At a stroke I see growing herbs and clover growing on parts of our property where the soil was without life. More wildlife is happening... insects, hedgehogs, and yesterday I saw the first time a ring snake in the grass. (posted: June 30, 2012) (58)

Effects on compost and manure -



Heap surface
Speeds up composting (4)
Inner heap
Humus creation enhanced (4)
Trials were carried out on organic Dairy Effluent: 1) Raw Effluent, 2) Stirred, 3) Stirred with compost innoculant added, 4) Etherics 1000 added after the compost trial. Trial 4 over the raw effluent showed: 2.4 x the N, 2.7 x the P, 7 x the Ca, 2.4 x the Mg Increases in trial 4 over trial 3 were: 1 x more N, 1 x more P, 3 x more Ca, .7 x more Mg More details (46)
Reduced (4)
Reduced (4)
Notes and Academic Papers

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