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Planting by the Stars - Aims

Considera aims to collect and collate results from farmers and gardeners around the world who have taken note of the time at which they have planted their crops and have also taken note of the results of these plantings. (NB - although this site, between its inception and execution, has become increasingly focused upon Biodynamic agriculture, results from any grower - aligned or independent - are welcomed and indeed solicited here.)

Considera will then look for correspondences between these results and the position of the Sun, Moon, planets and stars at the time of making these plantings.

By doing this it is intended to clarify whether there really are correspondences, what these correspondences are, and to give guidance for those who wish to make use of these correspondences for their future farming and gardening.

If all goes well.... no .... when all is going well, we will be able to publish our increasingly confident conclusions so that anyone can use the emerging patterns to enhance their crops.

Another aim is to encourage you to consider whether your eco-system does extend up to the stars, and to take thoughtful note and action on that consideration.

Until we are confident that we have identified the relevant patterns, we suggest that you follow your favourite planting calendar. We will be basing our initial recommendations on the work of Maria Thun, Nick Kollerstrom and Brian Keats (Ext link).

We have suggested dates for many years, crop type, and hemisphere, at which time you are invited to make two sets of otherwise similar-as-you-can plantings for the different outcomes to be obvious. In this way we hope to encourage you to join in and keep in the research. Until I hear that this is being useful I'm not going to prepare any more for the present.

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