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by yogazeal
28 May 2009, 01:02
Forum: Planting by the stars
Topic: Sidereal or tropical zodiac?
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Days of the Moon

Hello, I joined recently and have a blog that may help to show the power of the Calendar. Specifically, we can confidently measure rains, and compare the with the Cusps and Constellations. If we get response from a wide geographic area, let's say half of the www, we will have a huge measure of the C...
by yogazeal
28 May 2009, 00:52
Forum: Planting by the stars
Topic: New content
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New Journal

Hello, My name is Zack, and I live in NZ, where I have started a study of the weather in the BD Calendar. My records are complete only since 1 November 2008, but can grow quickly with input from other parts of the world. So far I can confirm that, from November through February, we had rain ONLY in ...