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orange/citrus splitting disease

Posted: 14 Jun 2015, 16:23
by laiq ur rahman
Hi sir,

i need some advice about my poor orange tree! orange drop suddenly by splitting after heavy rains.before the rain there is extreme summer days temp about 45 degree to 46 degree
also about fruit scab distorted as seen in image(orange split 005)

The rind splits when water and sugars are transported from the roots of the tree to the
ripening fruit and rind is unable to expand quickly enough to accommodate the added
volume (Fig. 1-7)
• Splitting seems to be caused by a combination of factors including extreme fluctuations
in temperature, humidity, soil moisture and fertilizer levels
• Splitting varies seasonally and is usually greatest where crop load is heavy
• Split usually starts at the blossom end of the fruit (which is the weakest point in the rind)
• Split can be short and shallow or deep and wide, exposing the segments of the juice
vesicles (Fig. 1,2-4)
• Fruit on young trees are more prone to fruit splitting than fruit on older trees
• Splitting wastes the fruit, and creates a good breeding ground for fruit flies, so the split
fruit should be removed and treated

Re: orange/citrus splitting disease

Posted: 15 Jun 2015, 09:06
by Mark
Hello Sir

The only thing that I know of for this issue is a potentiation of biodynamic preparations known as Zero-In. It has been created for exactly this purpose by Glen Atkinson of BdMax in New Zealand.

See: ... pe=2&rem=7

and ...

I hope that they can help you.

What country are you in?


Re: orange/citrus splitting disease

Posted: 15 Jun 2015, 20:48
by laiq ur rahman
alright sir,
but here in my country india there is no bd preparation
no zero in, is there any bd preparation centre

so you suggest homeopathy remedy

thank you

Re: orange/citrus splitting disease

Posted: 15 Jun 2015, 22:45
by Mark
There is an Indian BD site - - and if you contact them they may be able to assist you either to buy preparations or to help you make your own. However, that's only step one. After that you need to get your blend right in order to adjust the imbalance your fruit is showing back to balance and that means understanding, trialing / experimenting and refining. However, I have forwarded the post to BdMax and asked if they would like to contact you to see if there is a shortcut.

I don't know any other potentised preparation for addressing this issue. Sorry. But if you find one that works please share your results and reasoning.


Re: orange/citrus splitting disease

Posted: 16 Jun 2015, 07:16
by laiq ur rahman
ok mark sir,
i'll find the result
application of GA3,spermidine,ca(ch3coo)2 regulate the sugar contain and membrane permeability and controlled puffiness.harvesting proper stage of maturity and avoiding long storage at high RH can minimize puffing.