Legumes and soil health

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Legumes and soil health

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Impact of biodynamic preparations and panchgavya in organically managed cropping systems comprising legumes on soil biological health

*Rana M., Raverkar K.P., Pareek N., Chandra R. and Singh D.K. (2015): Legume Research – An International Journal 38 (2): 219-228.

Biological health of soil was assessed to understand the effect of varingly managed organic cropping systems under field conditions. Twelve treatment combinations comprised two cropping systems (CS1-Basmati rice-Chickpea-Sesbania green manure;CS2 -Basmati rice-Vegetable pea-Maize (green cob & Fodder) + Green gram (residues incorporation) and six organic nutrient manangement practices- T1: Farmyard manure + Vermicompost + Enriched Compost + Neem Cake, T2: Biodynamic Preparations, T3: Farmyard manure + Vermicompost + Enriched Compost + Neem Cake + Panchgavya, T4: Farmyard manure + Vermicompost + Enriched Compost + Neem Cake + Biodynamic Preparations, T5: Farmyard manure + Vermicompost + Enriched Compost + Neem Cake + Biodynamic Preparations + Panchgavya, T6: Control. The highest activity of different soil enzymes viz., dehydrogenase, acid, alkaline and total phosphatase; and aryl sulfatase was assessed to the tune of 1311.02 μg Tri Phenyl Formazan 24h−1g−1 soil at flowering in ‘spring’, 26.99 μg p-nitrophenol h−1g−1 soil, 35.19 μg p-nitrophenol h−1g−1 soil, 62.18 μg p-nitrophenol h−1g−1 soil and 77.75 μg p-nitrophenol h−1 g−1 soil at harvest of ‘rabi’ crop, respectively receiving the organic nutrient package through T5. Significantly enhanced microbial population and their biomass facilitating the enhanced mineralization of nitrogen to the tune of 150.10 μg NH4+-N g−1 soil with nutrient management practices employed through T5 was observed.

Keywords: Biodynamic, Cropping systems, Microbial biomass carbon, Mineralizable nitrogen, Organic nutrient management, Panchgavya, Soil biological health, Soil enzymes.