Potencies, BD and fond attention

Research papers concerning agrohomeopathy, homeopathy (if relevant), potentised BD remedies and so forth.
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Potencies, BD and fond attention

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Research into the effect of ‘informative’ treatments on trees: potentiated gold, bio-dynamic field preparations and human fond attention

Joke Bloksma

Summary and conclusions
In 1992, 1993 and 1994 the Louis Bolk Institute performed research into the effect of potentiated
gold on transplanted trees. This involved four field trials and one pot trial. Research was
simultaneously performed on the role that may be played by systematic intuitive* (i.e. non-sensory;
N.B. All asterisks* refer to section 3.4) observation in the determination of treatment and the
evaluation of its results. This research combined Goethean Science and intuitive techniques.
Gold as a link between cosmic and terrestrial action
Underlying the choice of gold was the metal's qualities as a symbol of the following: aspiration
towards the alliance of cosmic and terrestrial action, a central position, non-polarity, harmony and
love. In anthroposophic and homeopathic medicine, potentiated gold (Aurum metallicum) is
prescribed in cases of circulatory problems, certain severe emotional disturbances, deep
depression and suicidal tendencies. The analogy with the situation of recently transplanted trees -
which similarly lack vitality and need to re-establish themselves with earth and cosmos - was
central to this hypothesis.
The decision to use potentiated gold was derived from the experience that these homeopathic
dilutions act on vital processes without any toxic side-effects.
Potentiated gold leads to greater growth and enhanced vitality
In three out of five trials involving transplanted apple and sycamores (Acer platanoides) significant
differences emerged between trees treated with potentiated gold and those treated otherwise.
Although the scope of two other trials was too limited, these trials nonetheless tended to corroborate
the suggestions of the other trials: that the enhanced vitality resulting from treatment with
potentiated gold leads to greater growth, greater leaf cover, lower aphid infestation and a lower
incidence of wilt disease. The plane trees showed better leafing in the crown; this might support the
hypothesis that gold links cosmic and terrestrial action.
Per trial situation there there were variations in the frequency of spray treatment using potentiated
gold, and in the dosages and potencies used. Each trial used a mixture of potencies: D12 + D30 +
D200. Depending on the trial situation, spraying took place in the spring, early summer and
summer. Applications were performed at intervals ranging from once weekly to once monthly. The
action of potentiated gold was tested against three trial groups: untreated, water only, and potentiated