Potentised Magonia pubescens and soghum germination

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Potentised Magonia pubescens and soghum germination

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High dilutions of Magonia pubescens hidrogel affect germination variables in Sorghum bicolor L. Moench

Carlos Moacir Bonato, Beatriz Rigon, Aleandro Ferreira de Souza, Carolina Bertuzzi Pereira, Bruno Reis.

: In science homeopathic diseases or physiological disorders are not considered just a result of
abiotic and biotic factors, but rather a consequence of loss of organic system homeostasis. Homeopathic
science is currently being used efficiently in the control of plagues[1], plant diseases[2], in the increase of
medicinal plants’ active principles[3] and in plant metabolism[4,5]. Although actual results, both in the
academic and field-level, very little is known about physiological mechanisms action of homeopathic medicine
on germination process[6]. This work aims to study the effect of M. pubescens hydrogel, on some physiological
variables of sorghum germination (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench).

Material and methods: The experiment was conducted at Homeopathy and Plant Physiology of Biology
Department at UEM in the period from 04/05/06 to 30/12/06. M. pubescens (tingui) seeds were obtained from
the region of Montes Claros - Minas Gerais. The M. pubescens hidrogel was obtained from the external
centrals wrappers of 4 dry seeds, after they have been disposed in petri dishes with distilled water for a period
of 36 hours of soaking (25oC). The hydrogel mother tincture was prepared according to Manual of Technical
Standards for Homeopathic Drugstore[7] 3rd ed (2003), in the proportion of a hidrogel part (5g) to ten parts
(50g) of absolute alcohol 70 and stored in a glass amber (capped and protected from light). After 15 days of
maceration, the solution was filtered and after 48h at rest, the mother tincture was considered ready for use.
The dilution 1cH (Centesimal Hahnemannian) was obtained by adding 0.2 ml of the mother tincture in 19.8
ml of distilled water (1/100) and sucussioned 100 times (33 sucussions s-1) by mechanical arm dynamizer with
automatic stop (Model Denise 50 - AUTIC). The subsequent dilutions (2cH to 30cH) were obtained from the
same procedure, starting from the dilution 1cH.