Dark leaf spot on cauliflower

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Dark leaf spot on cauliflower

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Effects of homeopathic and mineral treatments on dark leaf spot caused by Alternaria brassicicola on cauliflower

Trebbi, G., Fantino, M.G., Dinelli, G., Marotti, I., Burgio, G., Nani, D., & Betti, L.

This research aimed at verifying the efficacy of some homeopathic and mineral
treatments on Alternaria brassicicola/cauliflower interaction. Growth chamber
experiments and a field trial were performed, using Brassica plants artificially
inoculated with the fungus. In growth chamber experiments, infection was significantly
reduced by arsenic trioxide 35 decimal potency (As2O3 35 d) and in field trial by both
As2O3 35 d and bentonite treatments.