Cowpea and photosynthesis

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Cowpea and photosynthesis

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Homeopathic potencies alter photosynthesis of cowpea

Anirban Sukulemail, N.C. Sukul, P. Sen, A. Bhattacharya, Soma Sukul

The effect of potentized CCC and potentized maleic hydrazide (MH), a growth retardant was studied on the growth of cowpea. We studied further to see whether CCC 30 prepared with nano particles was more effective than the usual CCC 30. CCC 30, CCC 200, MH 30 and ethanol 30 (control) were prepared by the standard procedure of successive dilution (1:100) followed by succussion. CCC 30 (nano) was prepared by initially triturating CCC with copper nano particles. The triturated material was later diluted and succussed following the standard procedure. Ethanol 30, prepared in the same way, was used as the control. Plants grown in earthen pots were treated separately with each of the test potencies by foliar spray. The application was repeated seven times. All the treatments significantly increased plant growth, chlorophyll, sugar and protein in the leaves. CCC 30 (nano) and CCC 200 were more effective than CCC 30. Of the four agents MH 30 induced mamum protein synthesis in the leaves.