Sepia and salt stress

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Sepia and salt stress

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Sepia 200cH at 1:1000 dilution ameliorates salt stress in cowpea seedlings but its medium 90% ethanol proves ineffective at the same dilution.

Sukul (nee Chunari) S, Mondal S, Sukul NC.

Soil salinity severely affects crop yield all over the world. In a recent study we
observed that Natrum mur 200cH, a homeopathic remedy, improved growth in
germinating cowpea seeds. In the present study we have tested another remedy
Sepia, which is complementary to Natrum mur, on cowpea seedlings under salt
stress. Cowpea seedlings grown over moist filter paper in petridishes were divided
into 4 groups: (1) control in sterile water, (2) in 50mM NaCl solution, (3) seeds
pretreated with 90% ethanol diluted with water 1:100 and then transferred to 50mM
NaCl solution, (4) seeds pretreated with Sepia 200cH diluted with water 1:100 and
transferred to 50mM NaCl solution. In another experiment the groups were same,
but the dilution of 90% ethanol and Sepia 200cH was 1:1000 instead of 1:100. The
purpose was to further reduce the ethanol content in both the drug and its vehicle
90% ethanol, so that the alcohol effect is minimized or abolished. The data were
analysed by ANOVA followed by t-test. Sepia 200cH at both 1:100 and 1:1000
dilutions significantly increased growth, sugar, chlorophyll, protein and water content
in seedlings as compared to the untreated salt-stressed group. The effect with
the1000th dilution of Sepia 200cH was more pronounced than with its 100th dilution.
The vehicle 90% ethanol at 1:100 dilution produced some positive effect on the
seedlings, but the 1000th dilution of the vehicle produced no such effect. It is,
therefore, concluded that Sepia 200cH could ameliorate salt stress in cowpea
seedlings and that the 1000th dilution is more effective than its 100th dilution. The
alcohol effect is totally eliminated with the 1000th dilution of 90% ethanol. Thus the
1000th dilution could retain the drug effect and eliminate the vehicle effect.