Phosphorus and essential oils

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Phosphorus and essential oils

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Characterization of essential oil and effects on growth of Verbena gratissima plants treated with homeopathic phosphorus.

Santos FM, Monfort LE, Castro DM, Pinto JE, Leonardi M, Pistelli L.

Plant models offer a method to examine the efficacy of homeopathic solutions.
Homeopathic Phosphorus (P) dynamizations were evaluated on the linear growth
and dry biomass of Verbena gratissima, a plant native to Brazil. The yields and
chemical characterization of the essential oil are also given. Plants exhibited
phenotypic plasticity after the homeopathic Phosphorus treatments. The
dynamization 9CH, in particular, interfered with plant growth, height, diameter of
stems and total dry mass. 9CH treatment showed the highest yield of essential oil.
The essential oil composition of V. gratissima varied according to the different
dynamization used. Homeopathic Phosphorus provided the greatest amount of betapinene,
trans-pinocarveol, trans-pinocamphone and trans-pinocarvyl acetate in
comparison with controls.