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hello, am new to this

Posted: 17 Feb 2010, 11:02
by elisabetta
hi, have just joined the forum. found reference to this website through gardening and planting by the moon 2010.
as this year i want to garden in a more conscious way, as my grandmother did when i was small. to think of it her garden was absolutely luscious and abundant.
reading the book now and seeing that the different elements come about every 9 days or so. but i remember my grnadmother planting by fullmoon or either side of it.
basically am a bit confused.
any suggestions out there?


Posted: 24 Feb 2010, 21:25
by Mark
Hello Elisabetta

Welcome aboard. I'm sorry to say that it is confusing. That's part of the reason for Considera - to try and show that it is confusing and that evidence from what we actually see with our own eyes and weigh with our own scales is a way forward to cut through this confusion.

I would do what you can and try and keep good records and then we may be able to pass on less confusion to our grandchildren.