leeky triffids in the test plot

Considera wants to assist in the research of 'planting by the stars'. Please limit your input to this discipline in this forum.
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leeky triffids in the test plot

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I did do the 2013 planting experiment. Not happy with it, though.

My test crop was onions. However the test plot was invaded by leeks from previous nearby crops.

It took a long time to discern the difference and be able to safely weed. At least it was spread evenly across the plot.

I learned a couple of things:

Plant different test species to what was there previously. (I thought that i was with the previous being Capsicum, but forgot the leeks.)

Use some plastic mesh to plant the seeds in a regular pattern.

There are some tips on the considera.org site. Does someone know other resources to assist with suburban test plot management?

This would help to better prepare for the 2014 planting.
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Re: leeky triffids in the test plot

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Anders posted an interesting article that might be of interest. It is more general about experimental design - ie it doesn't mention leeky triffids - but concentrates the mind on the subject very well.
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