Agrikos: Spiess, Gardner etc

Considera wants to assist in the research of 'planting by the stars'. Please limit your input to this discipline in this forum.
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Agrikos: Spiess, Gardner etc

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I am rather guilty of having had this work for a long time and not having either done much with it or passed it on - let alone assisted with the translation as I had hoped to do. However, new leaf .....

Stichting Agrikos in Holland - mainly Hans Bruinsma if I have understood - have done the research. Hans wrote saying:

"I'm sending our latest translation "Step-by-step-plan for potatoes in N.W. Europe". That is a result of working with farmers over the last almost four years. I also send an example of our monthly calendar and advices (in Dutch). Recently I finished an English PowerPoint presentation. I would be interested to share that with people in U.K. or other places. Are you interested in that? Maybe you have an idea for a place and a time?

About Mr. Hartmuth Spiess en Malcolm Gardners:
Through my results of research I think I can explain the results of Mr. Spiess en Malcolm Gardner.

Spiess did a lot of double tillages. Before he did his official tillages (usually over about 30 days) he ploughed that ground intensive before. That first (uniform) intensive tillage has a lot of influence. It brings back (degrees) a lot of the influence from the following tillages!

Also the repeating of (the same) tillages over more years, like Spiess did with rye and others, brings back the effect he was looking for. To understand that, see "Step-by-step-plan for potatoes in N.W. Europe". In that document is written that for an optimal result the tillages over more years have to be changed for the different levels off the plants. That is for the level of (1) the Crop-group (Maria Thun works on that level with sidereal Moon), (2) the individual product level, (3) the product variety and (4) the crop variety. On all of these 4 levels there is the same sixteen fold influence of the sidereal Sun and Moon. When you don't change the tillage for these levels, the influence degrees every year more. The result after ca. 2 years is that the plants get out of balance in there way of growth and become less healthy and less productive. Maria Thun found that with her changing of the Moon-Fire and Moon-Earth element for potatoes, what gives a better health and product. However for a real good result, you also have to use the right Moon-elements for the potato variety (level 3 and 4) that is used, and ofcause also the right sideral Sun on four levels.

The influence of the Sidereal Sun and Moon on four levels of the plants must also be the reason that Mr. Malcolm Gardner found (with his collected ca. 80 researches) that only ca. 25% of these researches connect with the theory of Maria Thun. The other 75% are results of the other three levels! The result of Gardner is (in that way) the same as I found in my research from 1986 till 1996, see the abstract of that research on our website)."

For their web site click here

From that front page he explains the basis of his research.

Research of Hans Bruinsma
Hans Bruinsma performed his research on crop growth in relation to the sidereal Sun and Moon positions between 1984 and 1996. These are the positions of the Sun and the Moon in relation to the Zodiak Constellations. He discovered that apart from the position of the sidereal Moon, an influence that earlier has been discovered by Maria Thun, also the position of the sidereal Sun can affect the crop growth. He also discovered that the positions of the sidereal Sun and Moon can effect crops on three to four levels (Maria Thun discovered this Moon influence on only one level). By means of his results, he could reduce the occurrence of Phytophthora in potatoes by 90%. In more than 80% of the cases he found equally important differences in the manner of growth and crop health of nine other crops he examined.

The method

The method of Hans Bruinsma is based on four different principles of growth: elongation, swelling, refinement and fission. These growth principles can be effectively reinforced by the influence of the fourfold sidereal cycle of the Sun, as well as the fourfold cycle of the Moon. The sixteen tillage time effects that are thus present become available for the crops through the tillage moment. To obtain the correct balance in the plant, these tillages must be performed alternately on three to four levels. These are a sixteen fold level for the crop group, a sixteen fold product level, a sixteen fold variety level and possibly a sixteen fold breed level. Furthermore, the after-effects of the tillage times of preceding years must be taken into account. This combination of measures will ensure the required quality, health and produce.

We have two files of his for examination - the PowerPoint he mentioned and a detailed account of planting potatoes for the NorthWest Europe. There are some research reports on their web site in English along with asummary of their sidereal Sun and Moon research.