Arnica: poultry broiler

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Arnica: poultry broiler

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PA Favorito; SF Müller; VM Fülber; M Schmoeller; APGS Wengrat

ABSTRACT: Homeopathy provides homeostasis and balance of living beings in their
contact. Its use is usually individualized, or those living in situations less intensive
management. The commercial production of broilers is an activity with high
intensification and complete artificiality, and can result in high losses in productive
managements flawed or even diseases. Thus the aim of the trial was to evaluate the use
of Arnica 12CH on avian commercial aimed at increasing productivity. Four trials were
conducted, the first two being without the use of homeopathy and after two to use. All
conventional managements were kept and homeopathy was complementary to these.
The use occurred in the first three days, the withdrawal of feeders to seven days
accommodation and after situations of stress managements and lack of electricity. There
was improvement in feed conversion and weight, and especially a drastic reduction in
mortality which reached 1.86% compared to 7.16% when not in use Arnica. So it was
verified that homeopathy has great potential for job creation in the population of
broilers with the use of Arnica.

Keywords: homeopathy, poultry, high dilution.