Agrohomeopathic principles

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Agrohomeopathic principles

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Daniel Melo de Castro

Abstract: Homeopathy was first created by Samuel Hahnemann. Currently it is also
used for the treatment of animals and plants. Homeopathy is based on the principle of
similitude, experiments on healthy organisms, minimum doses and the use of a single
substance. Based on these knowledge and experimentation, primarily directed only to
human beings, today it appears that the homeopathic action occurs in any biological
system, from microorganisms to collectives macroscopic beings, as plants and animals.
This knowledge opened possibilities of the use of homeopathy and of these substances
in various sectors, especially in agriculture, either as a healthier way of treating diseased
animals and plants, as well as a possibility to improve the plant and animal production
by inducing controlled provings such as stimulating the production of secondary
metabolites in plants.