Light transmissions and remedies

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Light transmissions and remedies

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Differences in Median Ultraviolet Light Transmissions of Serial Homeopathic Dilutions of Copper Sulfate, Hypericum perforatum, and Sulfur

Sabine D. Klein, Annegret Sandig, Stephan Baumgartner, and Ursula Wolf

Homeopathic remedies are produced by potentising, that is, the serial logarithmic dilution and succussion of a mother tincture
Techniques like ultraviolet spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, calorimetry, or thermoluminescence have been used to
investigate their physical properties. In this study, homeopathic centesimal (c) potencies (6c to 30c) of copper sulfate, Hypericum
perforatum, and sulfur as well as succussed water controls were prepared. Samples of these preparations were exposed to external
.physical factors like heat, pressure, ultraviolet radiation, or electromagnetic fields to mimic possible everyday storage conditions
e median transmissions from 190 nm to 340 nm and 220 nm to 340 nm were determined by ultraviolet light spectroscopy on five
measurement days distributed over several months. Transmissions of controls and potencies of sulfur differed significantly on two of
ve measurement days and aer exposure to physical factors. Transmissions of potencies exposed to ultraviolet light and unexposed
potencies of copper sulfate and Hypericum perforatum differed significantly. Potency levels 6c to 30c were also compared, and
wavelike patterns of higher and lower transmissions were found. e Kruskal-Wallis test yielded significant dfferences for the
potency levels of all three substances. Aiming at understanding the physical properties of homeopathic preparations, this study
.confirmed and expanded the findings of previous studies