In vitro evidence - literature

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In vitro evidence - literature

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The in vitro evidence for an effect of high homeopathic potencies—–A systematic review of the literature

Claudia M. Witt, Michael Bluth, Henning Albrecht, Thorolf E.R. Weißhuhn, Stephan Baumgartner, Stefan N. Willich

Objective: Systematic assessment of the in vitro research on high potency effects.
Method: Publications of experiments were collected through databases, experts,
previous reviews, citation tracking. Inclusion criteria: stepwise agitated dilutions
<10−23; cells or molecules from human or animal. Experiments were assessed with
the modified SAPEH score.
Results: From 75 publications, 67 experiments (1/3 of them replications) were evaluated.
Nearly 3/4 of them found a high potency effect, and 2/3 of those 18 that
scored 6 points or more and controlled contamination. Nearly 3/4 of all replications
were positive. Design and experimental models of the reviewed experiments were
inhomogenous, most were performed on basophiles.
Conclusions: Even experiments with a high methodological standard could demonstrate
an effect of high potencies. No positive result was stable enough to be
reproduced by all investigators. A general adoption of succussed controls, randomization
and blinding would strengthen the evidence of future experiments.