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Materia medica and repertory

Posted: 19 Apr 2006, 20:28
by Mark
I have now got the materia medica and repertory to a stage where I am happy for forum/board members to have a look at it and feed back to me. I think that Abhi and I have ironed out the technical bugs and got it looking something like we would want it but who knows what other operating systems and browsers will do to our best laid plans....

For those of you not familiar with a materia medica it is a term borrowed from the homoeopaths who catalogue all the actions and areas in which their remedies are appropriate.

The inspiration to do this was the BdNow list. On this list there have been debates over the years about the various formulations based on or in some way similar to the biodynamic preparations. Indeed there have also been deabtes about what the BD preparations themselves actually achieve. In these debates the claims and experiences, opinions and rumour bounce around in a dizzying whir. This can be very frustrating for those like me who are tainted with the need for clarity and simplicity.

I am hoping that now we have a tool that can stop this spiraling long enough to be examined. I am hoping that everyone who is interested and computer literate will log in and list their own real experiences. I mean what they have actually experienced on land they have tended.

As I began getting this together I came across others working with similar endeavours and I had to decide what to keen in and what to keep out. I decided to keep it all in. The thinking is that if a formulation is any good it will rise over time by the simple test of other people trying it and observing and reporting back. A complementary dynamic will occur to those formulations which are deficient in some way. So, there may be some snake oil amongst the gems but I am not competent to make this distinction alone and right away.

Before releasing this to the general public I am asking you guys to have a look at it so you can report back on suggestions, bugs, queries etc. As a matter of fact I hope a lot of encouragement will come in because I think it is something like the tool I would have liked to have had 20 years ago.

The basic framework is based on Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj's suggestion and experiences over 12 years in Australia. I have built it up to include more remedies, more products, radionics and numinous essences. These are given space not only as they manifest their effects in plants, but also on the soil, in water, in compost and even - for such remedies as Hugo Erbe's storm preparation - on the climate itself. I am particularly open to suggestions on how to structure the repertory in these categories.

So thanks to Vaikuntanath whose materia medica and repertory I will publish this summer. It is at that time that I will do the publicity blitz on the site. I would be pleased if you kept the site details somewhat close to you chest in the meantime.

You will also notice that the site looks different. I have done this to make the navigation more consistent (if less elegant) and to enable a consistent look with the shop which I intend to append by the time Vaikuntanath's book is launched. This will make some of the remedies avialable which are otherwise tricky to get hold of. I would be very interested to talk to any of you - off line - if you are interested in something similar in your part of the world.

The URL is

I would love to hear back from you guys some time!

MM and R - and updates

Posted: 25 Sep 2006, 21:49
by Mark
The book is now to be called 'Homoeopathy For Farm And Garden' and will definitely be printed in time for christmas - I am hoping to have the final version in my hands well before then. It can be ordered from

At the same time I have gone through the book and put all of the information I can glean from it onto the online version. I have also done the same for the remedies from GW Agriculture, BdMax, and Bioplant. I think this is really good and I want you all to tell everyone who might be interested to have a look and make it useful ... please!

Further bits of gossip; I now have samples from Agrocare and Dr Murthy who are both from India. I intend to put these to the test at Oaklands Park this year for winter wheat, and potatoes next year.

I also have a vineyard that has awful mildew issues. Greg Willis has suggested some possible avenues of approach to this and I am hoping to have the organic permission in place very soon (it has been a long process) so that this can go ahead without sacrificing the owners symbol status.

There has been a lot of interest in the press about horse chestnut illnesses in the UK. eg ... 221302.ece I have chased this up but the forestry commission (or whatever their name is now) are awaiting the official results of Glen's work with Elementree in the Hague which has the same problem. The unofficial word is that it is holding some trees and improving some. But Elementree is also in an evaluation phase. I hope there will be more news about that towards christmas when Glen will be in the Northern hemisphere again. I am looking for sites in the UK that might like to trial the remedies being used .. any takers?

Glen will be giving a one month seminar at Emerson College from mid November 2006. If anyone wants to go along they should contact Arjen there - Emerson -

Feedback wanted please.

Materia medica and repertory

Posted: 17 Oct 2006, 20:52
by kaviraj
I had a look at the repertory. I'm impressed! Very thorough and detailed.
Some of the remedies mentioned in there I would like to potentise according to homoeopathic rules and see what they do.

Re: Materia medica and repertory

Posted: 17 Oct 2006, 21:39
by Mark
kaviraj wrote:Some of the remedies mentioned in there I would like to potentise according to homoeopathic rules and see what they do.
I would really like you to do that and hear what occurs. Do you need help getting hold of any of them?

potentised preparations

Posted: 18 Oct 2006, 11:53
by kaviraj
Yes, that would be appreciated.
here in Holland there are some BD farmers and a Steiner group, but the latter are here in Amsterdam and have no BD formula available.