Preparation availability

This board is for sharing results, experiences, concerns and thoughts on preparations - biodynamic or not - for use on plants and soils. These do not include 'peppers'.
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Preparation availability

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An update - the sister site to the research is now somewhat ready. You can see that at

It is only possible for us to make these available in Europe due to the deals that I have been able to make with suppliers. If you are interested to use this please do.

I would hope in the near future to make preparations available from Dr Murthy in India and I am also in discussion with Dr Lethif re his Agrocare range.

I would be very interested to work with some of you to make the Hugo Erbe preparations available in potency. As those of you familiar with these are aware this requires some familiarity with the view of the world as being the manifestation of beings. Therefore, Erbe stresses that the attitude with which one makes these is about as important as the physical ingredients. Any ideas?

Finally, I wonder if we couldn't use Considera to use and exchange successful peppers. I have some already potentised for badgers and grey squirrels. Any interest??