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Hello everyone, my name is Kaviraj and I have been a homoeopath for around 30 years. I am also the author of 'Homoeopathy for Farm and Garden which Mark has been so kind to publish.
In regards to the quality of water, pure water is an impossibility and not necessary. For homoeopathic medicine, water needs to be 'neutral', not pure. Neutrality of water is achieved by using distilled water, since distillation renders the water so. Whether 'dead' or not, is not important, but neutrality is important. Water taken from any source is always 'contaminated' with impurities, hence distillation will render it neutral. If at any time distilled water was the wrong choice, it should have been evident by now, after 200 years of using nothing but, according to Hahnemann's recommendations.
As for alcohol, this has been used for the same amount of time ... if the alcohol would be potentised as well, then according to the principle of similia, we should all be alcoholics, since we should have 'proven' the alcoholic effects. (A 'proving' is the record of the symptoms produced by the substance potentised.) Hence if the alcohol is potentised, we must get symptoms of alcohol, which has never been the case in any of the millions of provings done over the past 200 years.
Moreover, the amount of alcohol, even in remedies for plants, is so minimal - 20 drops per liter - that it cannot have any significance. This dilution is further diluted in either 20 or even 200 litres of water, making the amount so small as to be negligible.
Reactions please.
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kaviraj wrote:hello everyone, my name is kaviraj .... reactions please.
Welcome Kaviraj.

Thanks for joining in. I hope to get back to you soon on this. It has been widely addressed on the BdNow discussion list in reaction to the reposting here about using alcohol or not.

I think that we will know the answer when we have tried both side by side, but your points about homoeopathy for humans are well taken.

Until later, yours - Mark
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