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Conditions of Use

Posted: 18 Jan 2006, 21:18
by Mark
The Considera site is partially dedicated - and this bulletin board is wholly dedicated - to the sharing of homoeopathic preparations for use in agriculture, viticulture, horticulture and arboriculture. Whilst there is no obligation upon researchers to submit experiences when using these preparations that is the whole point of the project and feedback is strongly requested through the relevant bulletin boards.

Certain responsibilities are inherent in undertaking such research; so users of the site - all of us - agree that we will;
  • *report honestly and impartially
    *read and follow the instructions
    *use the homoeopathic solutions as directed or will report changes they have made
    *not issue personal attacks through Considera
    *not use the site to advertise or pursue commercial ends
    *consider claims made for or associated with the supplied preparations as provisional whether by suppliers, Considera, or co-researchers
    *not blame Considera if things do not go as hoped!