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Eggs-travagant! Warsaw firm hatches world’s first egg laced with gold

The world’s first luxury brand of eggs laced with gold has been launched in Warsaw.

Costing an eye-watering 240 PLN ($62) per box, the eggs-travagent eggs produced by Warsaw based biotech company the Grotek Bracia, have been raised listening to only classical music such as Mozart, Wagner and Chopin.

Adrian Grotek, CEO of Grotek Bracia, told TFN: “The best results we have achieved thus far are with Richard Wagner’s Operas, particularly with ‘Der fliegende Holländer’.

“The reasoning behind playing music is to create an environment devoid of stress for the chickens.”

Packaged in an ecological extruder, the 12 piece set are the world's first biodynamic eggs with edible gold.

Fed a patented oat blend following the cycle of the moon the Grotek Bracia hens, which produce the Grotek Aurum S eggs, are among the most pampered poultry on the planet.

It was while he was attending acting school in LA that Grotek hatched his plan for bringing a touch of class to the generic egg market.

He told TFN: “One Sunday, while visiting the Hollywood Farmers Market, I came to the realization that despite California being the global centre of technological innovation the bar in the egg industry in California is set very low.

“Upon further investigation, I observed that the bar is set equally low everywhere else in the world. For the last 100 years relative to other industries there has been little or no innovation in the global egg industry.

“Challenged by this problem I set out on a mission ‘To create an egg from the 22nd century’.”

After first creating the Ogg - eggs from hens fed on a special patented blend of oats which increases the eggs nutritional value - Grotek Bracia took the Aurum S eggs to the next level with the feeding schedule, music and edible gold.

Grotek said: “The market for these twenty złoty eggs consists mostly of celebrities, models and egg aficionados. They are also bought and displayed at parties and social events for the purposes of conspicuous consumption.”

The range of Grotek eggs are currently available through a limited number of retail outlets and as well as shipping to international clients the company supplies their products to highly acclaimed restaurants and luxury hotels.