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Rain maker

Posted: 19 Nov 2009, 16:07
by anand
dear Forum

At the outset what i speak has not been verified by me.
so the element of doubt is there.
Yet the claims of my acquantaince is so revolutionary
i thought it should find place atleast in the scrap book
My Acquantaince "M" is a person of meagre means & lives in a village ,He does not know english.
he has been working in the field of bio energy "jaivik URJA"
& has had the clairavoint like experiences of the old theosophists.
To quote him
it all began around 1998 when he was severely ill and had visited many doctors ,but to no avail.
The ill health got him into thinking that due to physical/mental imbalances in our body the disease occurs.
if this is balanced we become healthy.
who is heathy ?,A person with yogic powers , having tuned his body with various asanas(excercises) is able to ward off disease. how can an ordinary person acquire such state of health without going through the rigours of complicated & pain ful asanas can a lay man enjoy the benifits of yogic health.?
gradually he started experimenting and building technology that radiate such energies so that on taking these one acquire the health { the technology what i have broadly seen consist of ceramic like plates which are rubbed & shaped so that they release/radiate these bio energies." all forms of energy are already present in the air but in a dormant state" & his technology activates these.on taking charged water /air one becomes healthy.
Today he feels very energetic & healthy & even smoking 3 packets a day has no effects on his health. He can normalise the high bp as well

Then he started on plants & found similar results.
Later by chance while dousing the field with the charged water he observed that Clouds would appear
& till date he has re verified it many a times
To ascertain his claims
I asked a close friend known to both of us
who has this to say "during the past 3-4 years "M" would ask hows the sky ?
"its clear" i would reply
Then see tomorrow.
In a day or two the sky would get cloudy & there would be rain fall in some places in the vicinity.Following it a rich business man stuck a deal that if it rains in his village he would give give him money. unfortunately
while there was rain in the vicinity it didnt rain in the in the business mans village ,& he lost the bet .
so why the failure to which he answers
It works best in the ascending phase of the sun ,& oct time was not conducive
the biggest draw back was that he had no control over the air ,that would blow the clouds away.
(this was the last time i wrote to Mark )
The failure got him into thinking & with improvisation He now claims to have tripled the power of his device-by
"double surya kee shakti"
I quired "can this bring rain in deserts ? he replies affirmatively why not ?
& goes to the extent of saying that given a chance the device can bring rain even on moon.

This form of energy with improvisation can nullify the disaster of a hurricane.
(he has not tried but given a chance feels that he can control it with his device)

Lately he claims to have recharged the air which acts as a fuel
when the air passes through the device it becomes inflammable till now he has put 25 such pieces
& has seen the average of his byke improve by 30 percent on adding 50 it would improve the av by 50
ultimately if 100 such pieces are added the byke would run without petrol,a car with 1000 piece could
run without petrol
but a single peice he makes takes 2 days.
The best part of his work is usually the product or the claims are user dependant,
as against it he has brought this into a technology. any one using it can benifit from it.
the technology may loose its power in 5-6 years but thats long time.
I request the forum he be given a platform to prove his claims.
Any one who can spare time can be taken to him for verification

Posted: 26 Nov 2009, 14:37
by Mark
Dear Anand

From a distance it is hard to know if this is very interesting or a bit crazy. It would be great if you were able to verify this for us and then it really would be worth talking about. There's one or two places where rain creation would be valuable to the world (deserts) if not to your friend's pocket (China). Let us know how you get on.

Posted: 30 Nov 2009, 15:29
by anand
Dear Mark ji,

I want you to be a part of this verification, The Rain maker recently had a meeting with local media people ,& they are fixing a date for the test, I would be giving you the due date say 5-6 days before, along with the test location, I request you to find ways (and please let me know too )over the net ex say google map or any other means by which one could see the weather over the test site, live. This would be fair,merely my saying that it did would call for further reverification

One just hopes that the test is a success & the topic is able to move from scrap to the relevant folder

Posted: 30 Nov 2009, 16:03
by Mark
Jonathan - what sites do you use for monitoring weather patterns? Anand is asking for a way that one can monitor weather patterns so that one can see if his associate can change the weather. It would also be good if you were to let us know if form your experience the weather pattern that emerges is a 'surprise'.

Posted: 30 Nov 2009, 16:05
by Mark
Dear Anand

I would be very happy to be part of the monitoring. It sounds very interesting. When I know the best site to monitor then I will let you know it too. And then you will not only move from the 'Scrapbook', I think we will have too much interest for just here!

I look forward to hearing from you with the dates and I will get back to you with a good weather monitoring site.

Posted: 01 Dec 2009, 11:06
by Mark

Posted: 03 Dec 2009, 08:51
by anand
The site serves the purpose. except that it doesent have the facility to enlarge,magnify.

The Rain maker would be conducting his test with in 15-20 days
The location is : latitude 22 degrees north
longitude 70 degrees, 38 minutes east in Distt- Rajkot ,gujrat(india)

Variation +/- 2 to 3 minutes

Could you please advise how best the records from the meteorological deptt etc can be used ,i saw the data of the distt for the coming 5 days ,which says precipitation level would nil.

As advised i shall advise you the due date of test ,5-6 days before ,it would be great if you suggest best ways to keep record of the event
for later use .

Mean while The rain maker consulted certain local farmers ,where cotton is due to be harvested in 10-15 days ,& he doesent want the harvest to get damaged.


Posted: 03 Dec 2009, 08:56
by anand
Once the confidence builds up we can then move to:

to quote unquote "M"
running byke or car without petrol
Stopping the disaster of a hurricane in Bangladesh
prevent Earth quakes in say Japan.

Posted: 03 Dec 2009, 11:03
by Mark
Thanks Anand

Now we have details of location etc I'll look further into monitoring in detail. Are you happy for other people to be aware of this trial? It would be easier to get excited about it if it is information that anyone can access ahead of time rather than us trying to get them excited retrospectively. Then they could say 'I was there' instead of that there are some maps that may have been fiddled for some purpose or other.

Posted: 08 Dec 2009, 14:11
by anand
The Location was taken by referring to microsofts encarta is 5 kms west to a place called kolithar .One just hopes that the lat./long given by encarta is correct.

My request is to involve as many people as possible.The rain maker had previously requested the state govt for a chance to conduct the test .The Cms cabinet mearely thanked him for the letter.

Please popularise the event due to take place.(also suggest ways so that more & more people can be involved)I had written to a research scholar in the ministery of agri.govt of Israel.who is yet to reply.If you have any contact please forward the message.

The rain maker is in consultation with the media people for fixing a date.which would be any time after 12 of dec.perhaps on 18 th or 20 th .
The meteriological deptt.merely gives the forcast for 5 days. one wants to be sure that the precipitation for casts from 18-25 dec is dry weather.


Posted: 12 Dec 2009, 08:07
by anand
Dear Mark ji,

while going through the imd site came across the animation site.which would give the animated picture of the movement of clouds , saving it would give a moving image of the clouds.The animation could come handy for later representation,but there is no such provision to save.
please suggest how to go about.

The Rain maker would be free from today please keep the discussion going.Did you suggest to any one of the proposed test ?
There have been no quiries.
Perhaps its too weird.

How do we go about the test.

1.the due date & time is advised to.
2.we keep monitoring & recording the events.
3 presuming that it is a success. then what next?

It would be great if imd too is involved in the test.

Posted: 14 Dec 2009, 10:32
by Mark
Hi Anand

Yes I have announced that this test is going on and that people should look out for it. I have also found no better site than the imd site which is a pitty. If that is the best we can find then we will have to take screen shots of the weather charts as they develop. It will not be ideal but then we cannot afford to send up our own geostationary satellites - yet!

Queries will perhaps come when there is a specific date. Everybody is busy so until there is a definite reason to focus on this I doubt that anyone will. We have the Christmas season upon us and it is traditional to do too much at this time.

Let me know as soon as we have the exact date.



Posted: 14 Dec 2009, 12:52
by Mark

Posted: 16 Dec 2009, 08:42
by anand
Mark ji,

After consulting the local media people,
The Schedule date for Rain making is : 21.12.2009 Time :6.00 am IST
Venue :Village :khadvantali District rajkot ,Gujrat India
Geographical location :Latitude & Longitude already given previously
Innovator :Mohan bhai giriraj bhai Vikoriya
Duration of test :one week
The forcast by imd for 21.12.2009 for Rajkot District is :precipitation =0

According to the Rain maker it would take at least 24 hours for the effect to be felt.
Can we request the rain engeneering people (information you had given above.)to be a part of this monitoring?

Posted: 16 Dec 2009, 09:02
by Mark
Thanks Anand

I'll pass on the details of this forum to those others and we will see what happens. Thanks for opening up this area to me. As you know I am very much impressed by Dr Steiner and one hears that when he gave the lectures on agriculture he also gave talks on conscious interaction with the weather. There are some I know who have not taken up this challenge because the weather belongs to everyone and this remains a genuine concern for me - but since I have had no other input into this experiment I am very excited to see what happens. Thanks again.