Soil, Soul and Spirit

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Soil, Soul and Spirit

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Hello friends and students of Dennis’ work,

To begin with, I would like to thank our generous donors for allowing Dennis to continue to research and share his wisdom with us. We have been hard at work, bringing more of his insights online.

You have also noticed the name and design of this newsletter and the website have changed. We've changed the name from New Alchemy to Soil, Soul and Spirit to better reflect the work.

School of Soil, Soul and Spirit

We are pleased to announce the launch of the School of Soil, Soul and Spirit (, an organized guide to learn the principles and application of alchemy, the modern task of building inner vision for healing the world.
Dennis has written “guides” to the principles behind the following areas of study, which serve as reference points for the other articles and videos in the school where those principles are put to use: Click one of the links above to begin learning. We will continue to add new videos, articles and lecture courses.
Again, this work is made possible by many generous donors, whose contributions to Coros Foundation ( allow all of this to be made available free of charge.

Soul, Soul and Spirit Video

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, Dennis and I have been working since then to bring you the fruits of his research. A grant to bring his Biodynamics research online has allowed us to shoot videos of his gardening and alchemical processes. It has been so much fun spending the weekend with my dad in the garden and in his lab. We have many great videos to come.

Visit the Soil, Soul and Spirit Youtube Channel here: ... 2K38n6ouzQ

Last but not least, look for an event announcement shortly for a live online presentation from Dennis titled Truth, Lies and Illness. I can’t imagine a more timely topic.


Ben Klocek