Peppering from Malcolm Gardner

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Peppering from Malcolm Gardner

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Dear Friends,

If you are interested in trying Rudolf Steiner's suggested method of weed control (ashing the seeds and possibly the rootstock), this is a note to alert you that the next propitious period for ashing weed seeds will be in mid-August, 2015. I call this period propitious because, according to my understanding, it should be possible during this period to effectively ash any kind of weed seed, whether from an annual or from a perennial plant, and to do them all in one go (rather than have to find times appropriate for each species). If various species are mixed together, however, take care not to include any desirable species. (For further background and details on the ashing method, see Lecture Six of Steiner's Agriculture Course and my "bulletin" from 2013, ... ed-control.)

From the afternoon of August 10th (Eastern North America) until the night of August 13th, the Moon will be in its last quarter and the Moon plus the Sun and all of the planets (including even Uranus, Neptune and Pluto!) will be in the descending part of their tropical cycles. In addition, Mercury and Venus, like the Moon, will also be waning (in their third and fourth quarters respectively). The next propitious period will not be until early December (and early January 2016) and will not be quite as propitious as the upcoming one (e.g., Venus will not be waning).

Malcolm Gardner